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effect® MIX

effect® MIX is a
great mixer, too.

The can’s open, the party’s on: effect® MIX is the new party taste to go! The perfect mix of effect® Energy Drink and top-quality 9 MILE VODKA in a cool matte black look. A chance for fans of alcoholic mixed drinks to grab some real quality. And grab the attention at every party. Let’s go, let’s MIX!


effect® VODKA & ENERGY.
high-quality premium
mix to go.

Popular effect® CLASSIC taste plus high-class granite-filtered 9 MILE VODKA equals ready-to-drink top quality. The perfect mix for people who want to get the party started before they arrive!

effect® VODKA & GUAVA.
unique mix for unforgettable parties.

The new effect® MIX tastes fruity sweet thanks to the tropical guava and is refined with the high-quality 9 MILE Vodka. A unique mix for on the go and an absolute must-have at every party.

effect® MIX

The classic effect® taste mixed with high-quality 9 MILE VODKA. Ready-to-drink. Perfect if you’re out and about.

77.6 mg / 330 ml caffeine

10 % vol alcohol

*All data refer to a 0.33 L can

effect® MIX

An expressive mix of fruity açai berry notes and granite-filtered 9 MILE VODKA for unforgettable party nights.

52.8 mg / 330 ml caffeine

10 % vol alcohol

*All data refer to a 0.33 L can

effect® MIX

A unique mix of fruity sweet guava and high quality 9 MILE Vodka for unforgettable parties.

77,6 mg / 330 ml Koffein

10 % vol Alkohol

*All data refer to a 0,33 L can