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effect® CLASSIC Energy.
the classic
energy drink.

unique recipe for an
inimitable taste.

We develop our outstanding quality in our Innovation Lab. The result of this combination of high­-quality ingredients and a unique recipe is the unmistakable effect® CLASSIC Energy Taste.

effect® ZERO Sugarfree.
0 % sugar.
100 % taste.

The question we asked was: How can we translate the effect® CLASSIC Energy Taste into a version with no sugar but with perfect flavour? Our Innovation Lab came up with an excellent answer: effect® ZERO Sugarfree creates a magical sweetness on the tongue with no sugar substitute aftertaste. Taste it!


High-quality ingredients, enormous innovative strength and our unique recipe with taurine, caffeine and glucuronolactone create the inimitable classic effect® taste

105.6 mg caffeine

35.3 g sugar

*All data refer to a 0.33 L can


A true classic from our Innovation Lab: 0% sugar and 100% taste with an exciting recipe containing taurine, caffeine and glucuronolactone.

105.6 mg caffeine

0 g sugar

*All data refer to a 0.33 L can