The Mental Energizer

Even the smallest of thoughts can have a huge effect. However, you still have to be able to recognize when a vague notion can be turned into a great idea. effect® is the perfect assistant for anyone who overcomes every challenge they face with creativity and new incentives. If you want to make the most of your potential and maximize your capabilities, then enjoy the typical taste of effect® more frequently to find refreshing inspiration.


Discover the sounds that will change your life.

You should listen to your heart to find the sound of life. This will help you to not only hit the right note, but also find the right rhythm. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny effect to experience an absolutely brilliant playlist. Discover it for yourself.


Spot the look that sets new trends.

Every creation needs its own time. What might seem insignificant today, may well be the talk of the town tomorrow. And if you can recognize the signs of the time at just the right moment, you can change everything. See for yourself.

Feel the movement that will move everyone.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple gesture or just one look – the smallest expression can have the biggest effect. When all focus is concentrated on the core essentials, an effect can be created that will last forever. Feel it yourself.


Find the words that say it all

If you’re looking to discover new things, connect with your senses first. Pick the right words, and it’ll all make sense. And sometimes, it’s that one word that’ll leave people speechless. Try it out.


effect® classic taste
The premium energy drink has the perfect size for every occasion, from one-litre bottles to share with friends and family to practical cans for on the go.

effect® new taste

Soft Drink. Hard Taste: SHOCK, PUSHD, PUSHD TRULY ZERO, VOLTAGE and MASSIVE with their unique tastes and exciting packaging trigger the desire to buy soft drinks.

effect® zero
The popular taste of effect® is also available sugar-free. One-litre bottles and smaller cans with their striking gold design provide the genuine effect® taste for health-conscious drinkers.