effect® is ready to rock your senses with new tastes and new looks. PUSHD, PUSHD TRULY ZERO, GRAVITY and VOLTAGE are new to the range and offer unique tastes and exciting packaging designs that trigger the desire to buy soft drinks. Enriched with functional ingredients like ginseng, guarana and special vitamin complexes that are good for both the body and mind.


effect® is ideal for situations that call for super concentration and performance – like in professional esports competitions. Did you know that the mental energizer’s been official partner to Schalke’s eSport Club since July 2018? Yes, we’ve got the team covered when it comes to providing energy for peak performances! Our long-term sponsorship agreement also means we’re represented across multiple channels: from co-branding team strips and special campaigns to streaming support, contests and player meet-and-greets.


effect goes for goals
Borussia Dortmund, SC Paderborn 07 and DSC Arminia Bielefeld all have one thing in common: they’re sponsored by effect® – the mental energizer. In terms of numbers, this partnership accounts for a huge number of target audience brand interactions with a strong brand presence on all target audience relevant channels, such as TV, stadiums, print media and of course on the teams’ strips.

As BVB’s premium partner and in Europe’s largest standing room tribune, there’s no avoiding the energy can with the famous red dots! Then there’s also our agreement with our home team, SCP 07, that was extended in mid 2019 for another two years. Not to forget DSC Arminia Bielefeld and its team and fans – also supported by Germany’s number one energy drink.


Cafe Europa

The Cafe Europa needs no introduction—parents and grandparents are known to have partied here in the past. The venue first opened its doors in 1930. It has been the place to be, at the Jahnplatz in the heart of Bielefeld, for decades.


New owners and extensive renovation work in 2017 has given the place a new face—thanks also to the club’s individual effect® branding. The number one energy drink made in Germany has given the place a new feel with typically minimalistic furniture and an XXL LED wall.


MIURA Stralsund

The MIURA club in Stralsund—that went by the name of N8chts until last year—not only has a new name, but also has an entirely new look! Alongside large effect® branding and display walls on both dance floors (700 sq m in total) showing dance scenes from the nationwide campaign, the club has also been equipped with effect® coolers and innovative bar tools.


The new TV ads are here.

effect® can now be seen on television again. Over the next few months, three commercials will be shown on all the biggest private TV stations. Now there is only one excuse to get up during the advert break – to go and get more effect® from the fridge. The new commercials clearly show what makes the effect® brand stand out from the crowd:


Anyone who makes the most of their intellectual potential and mental capabilities, enjoys effect® as a refreshing source of inspiration. effect® is the perfect assistant when you need to develop ideas or discover creative impulses.


The effect® YouTube channel

The effect® spots and commercials are now also available on our exclusive YouTube channel. Furthermore, you can also find the latest clips, cool animations and background information about effect® campaigns and events in Germany and all around the world.

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